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Hi, I’m Prabhu Selvaraj
a Consultant.

Welcome to my space - I am from Bangalore, having Rich experience over 13 Years in IT Industries in the Field of Quality Management, CMMU Level 5 Implementation and sustenance. Actively Involved in Stock Market since Five Year in the Field of Training and Mentorship. Won award from GFEL 2020-2021 for Top 100 Visionaries in Education(Las Vegas).


What I Do


Proud to be part of multiple startup - Managing the schedule and helping all the companies to grow


Actively involved in the Stock Market Mentorship Program under the Brand Stock Phoenix.


Involved in BOT Creation and doing Automation in Stock Market.

Online Webinar

Conducting Online webinars in the Field of Stock Market and Teaching Technical for free.

Offline Seminars

Travell across the country in conducting the Investor Awareness Seminars.

Strategy Designing

Actively Involved in Designing New Strategies for Trading and Investment in Stock Market.

15+ Years of Experience

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What Clients Say


Md. Saddam


The Good Work

I am small trader who faced losses from last 3 years without any knowledge in stock market. Where following sp channel since 2019 Jan observed your students real feedback with positive mark including your calls accuracy nailed me to join the course to be independent trader. In the beginning of the course I felt little bit tensed weather I can understand or not about the concepts. But the way senthil/prabhu sir taught simply superb manner with user friendly in all time . Though I irritated with silly questions still he managed to answer all my queries. Honestly now I have full faith on my own trading setup where killed all my fear. Be blessed sp team to achieve more heights.

Devendra Pal



I'm Devendra Pal from Batch-20, a stock phoenixian trader or only "Phoenixian" I can say now. Pre-Stock Phoenix Trading Life: I have been trading in equity stock market since 3 years with a very bad knowledge or you can say no knowledge at all. I have invested around 2.5 lakhs in various stocks, whose worth in August 2019 was 33.9%. So you can see how bad decisions hurt when money is involved. Was very much depressed on how to recover this money back. My journey with Stock Phoenix started with accessing lot's of Stock Market Institute's Public Telegram channel. I had in total 9 different institute's in watch, that's when I came Across the "Knight in the Shining Armour" i.e. Stock Phoenix. I kept watch on it's all the Given trades from October 2019 to December 2019, it came more then 90?curacy in trading. So I decided to join their Batch 20 in Feb 2020 and paid for it in January 2020. Recovered the twice the amount of fees before my Batch started.

Gaurav Gupta


Money makes money

Thanks a lot to whole S.P team..... You are doing a exceptional job for people's who want to learn about stock market and have zero knowledge of it just like me....... I was very much satisfied with my business before this corona pandemic and my CA also asked me to invest but I don't know where to invest my hard earned saving... And when this lockdown happened i got the chance to learn about stock market as my business is purely depends on transportation which is not operating now & don't know when it will be operational ... You course provide me a secondary source of Income for which I'm very much thankful to the whole team of stock phoenix........


Dream Builder

Earning Money consistently is difficult in Stock Market.

What if i tell you, there is way to Learn 1st and then Earn in Stock Market. Yes, This is Vignesh. Exactly 2yrs back i was looking for a passive income while working in IT. Started trading with zero knowledge and made losses(entire capital). Then started searching and joined Stock Phoniex free channel and followed for 3months. In tat 3months made small 600,800rs daily. But made it consistently. I was curious how these people are so accurate in selecting stocks. Wanted to learn myself. Joined Batch 29. Actually i was financially lean. So made payment via emi only. Attended all their classes. Repeatedly watched videos in SP portal. From there i just started paper trading using SP methods. This went for another 3-4 months. Still working and trading. And then, the day has come to enter with real money. So invested 2lakhs and made profits of 60,000rs on the 1st month. Guess what? U can call me crazy. Left my IT job. Started full time trading. Now fastfwd 2yrs, i can definitely say, i can make decent living with stock trading alone. All my thanks to whole SP team. Just pure basics in simple lay man terms. Anybody can understand what they teach. Tats the magic of Senthil sir and Prabhu sir. Im so glad to attend their classes at right time of my life. Thank you.

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